The OTA/Kimark data logger is designed to button on to most pieces of equipment out there. An unit that has a Modbus port can utilize our logger to record performance data. This data is recorded onto an SD card and can be uploaded to your PC or MacBook and viewed with basic Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software packages. The other option is to send data via a SCADA system directly to your computer or server. OTA’s sister company, Kimark Systems, has a line of SCADA  products and services to aid in this process.

Data Logger


The means to record performance data of vapor combustors (VCU), vapor recovery units (VRU), amine sweetening units, and glycol dehydration units, to name a few, is invaluable. It feeds vital operational information to operators, which hands them the tools to increase optimal efficiencies. Provides environmentalists documentation to meet Federal, State, and Local recordkeeping requirements. When coupled with our Unit Performance Report (UPR) the recorded information then becomes a means to prove higher operation efficiencies (air quality rules require 95% or greater of uptime), troubleshoot equipment performance issues before  taking a single step out of the office, and provide an overall review of your fleet performance. This information can tell you if your equipment is operating up to par and according to manufacturer design claims.


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